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Multicolour Bamboo Windchime with thread


Lovely ethically sourced multicoloured bamboo windchime with bright coloured rainbow pattern.

Chime makes a gentle, relaxing sound when captured by the wind.


Coconut Leaf Windchime


This attractive wind chime is made from the coconut leaf and hand crafted in Bali on an ethical basis. The leaves are shaped, dried and then varnished, being a natural product, each one is a little bit unique!

It can be hung in the home, but more commonly used to hang in the garden, where the ‘tubular bell percussion’ chimes can be gently played by the breeze. In winter months the chimes would prefer to be brought indoors, or placed in a more sheltered area of the garden…they are designed for weather in Bali!

Being a handmade product the size and shape will vary a little bit, but in general the total hanging length is around 80cm.

Nodding Dragon Bamboo Windchime


This lovely Bamboo Windchime features a majestic nodding dragon sitting on a coconut shell.

As the breeze catches the windchime, the carved bamboo chimes knock together to create a distinct natural and relaxing sound.

There is also a small windcatcher connected to the dragon which creates a further movement of the dragon nodding.

All of our Bamboo windchimes are ethically sourced, made from sustainable wood and sourced from Bali.

Tulip Windchime


Dimensions: H:56cm W:18cm D:6cm

2 individual designs.  Ethically sourced.- Suitable for indoor and outdoor display.

Acrylic Snowflake Windchime


Dimensions: H17.5cm X W11cm X D16cm

3 individual designs.

Set of 4 Fairy Windchimes


Dimensions:  H:32cm W:4.5cm D:5cm

4 individual designs.

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