Wooden toys can be made of softwood or hardwood. Other common ingredients that go into making of wooden toys include natural and non-toxic dyes and colors. The colors of these toys rarely fade over time, so they retain their charm for many years.

Wooden Toys

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Farm Building Blocks


Your little ones will be entertained for hours, building different structures out of the 50 pieces for the cow, horse and sheep to live in. Inspiring their creativity and imagination!

Perfect educational toy for colour, object and animal learning and naming as well as improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Made from ethically sourced 100% wood, beautiful smooth finish, durable, sturdy and hard-wearing toy. A great long-lasting toy!

Comes in a tub so parents will thank you later for making tidy up time quicker!

Wooden Stacking Owl Game


How many owls can you stack before they tumble? Beautifully made, owl stacking game. Improving hand eye-coordination and shape learning as your little pre-schoolers try and balance the different coloured owls on top of one another. Not only does this game improve concentration and fine motor skills it is also a greater help in number learning as each owl stacking piece is numbered 1 to 12.

Count with your child as they stack them up to create different towers and watch your little one’s face light up with the delight as they try to stack the owls in a multitude of ways including upside down using the 2 rods.

Due to the bright coloured design this game also encourages colour learning! This is a great gift to keep little minds whirring, perfectly packaged in a crisp white window box.

Great value for money for this hard wearing all wooden toy!

Farm Lorry with Animals


Who doesn’t love a visit to the farm? Your little one can engage their creativity and bring all the farm animals to live with this beautiful farm lorry and thick wooden animal pieces.

Can your little one point out the 6 different farm favourites and sound out the ‘MOO’ of the cow and ‘OINK’ of the pig? Educational toy to improve animal recognition and naming.

Made from ethically sourced 100% wood, beautiful smooth finish, durable and hard-wearing toy.

Farm Train with Animals


Brightly painted wooden farm train featuring two animals. Perfect for encouraging imaginative play and improving colour recognition!

The removable engine, driver’s cabin and farm animal passengers. Carriages also detach from each other and engine which is ideal for improving hand eye coordination, logical thinking and fine motor skills. The push along toy also encourages mobility.

Made from ethically sourced 100% solid wood, with a beautiful smooth finish (no sharp edges) making this a durable and hard-wearing toy.

Pirate Ship Toy


Ahoy Matey! All aboard this classic wooden pirate ship featuring the Jolly Roger flag, swinging anchor and wooden characters to let your imagination go wild.

Set features captain and first mate characters, barrel, treasure chest, sailboat, moving steering wheel as well as rigging to climb and a crows nest to keep lookout!

Hours of fun for your pirate-loving little ones to have lots of adventures on the ocean waves.

Children’s Activity House


This gorgeous activity house will keep little people entertained for hours with its problem solving puzzles, shapes, abacus, and numbers, all beautifully crafted in wood.

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